By the people for the people

Freedom UK Party

By the people for the people.

Putting the GREAT back in to BRITAIN.


Democracy first. We, the people, shall rule

We will –

• Empower local people by giving you the right to call binding referenda on local issues
• Let you, the people, decide major planning schemes like supermarkets by referendum
• Grant no right of appeal from the people’s decisions on planning schemes
• Introduce election for county health, education and police boards.
• Expect your councillors to put the people’s needs first, ahead of party dogmas.
• Make councils, schools, police, hospitals, planning and social care put local people first
• Keep central government out of local government
• Abolish regional government
• Restore our ancient county, borough and parish councils
• Let councils control their own finances by keeping half of local business rates
• Replace VAT with a Local Sales Tax, with a proportion going direct to councils.

Increase National Insurance by 2 pence in the pound. To help pay for our beloved NHS.


At last the Government INVOKE ARTICLE 50. something we have campaigning for years.

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